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Solar and UV Protection Films

Solar and UV Protection Film by ADS Window Films UK

Solar and UV Protection Window Film are specialty films applied to glazing which provide a 'transparent insulation', helping to significantly reduce the amount of heat and glare from the sun, entering your property.

The application of Solar Window Film can: -

Solar Insulation Film works throughout the year to even out temperature highs and lows, providing a consistent environment to your home or place of work. In summer, films can reject up to 75% of heat and reduce glare whilst still allowing visible light in. In winter, however, the film acts to reflect escaping heat back into the building, significantly reducing heating and ventilation costs to your property.

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A secondary benefit of Solar Window Films, the blocking of damaging UV rays, reduces interior fading to your carpets, drapes or furniture, thereby prolonging their lifespan and saving you money in the long run.

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